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Sunday, 8 May 2016


It is true that we do not really require a particular day in the year to bestow it to our mothers. Everyone on this planet shall agree to it because mother’s love, devotion, upkeep and support towards her children can be felt every time she breathes. Nevertheless, this day makes us pull out hours from busy schedule to at least make them happy by sending gifts.

Words are really short for me to describe the kind of emotions I have for my mother, as words might not do justice. Yes, I am sure they won’t. However, words are live feed of our thoughts and emotions vary from person to person, all I could summarize in my mind is my being a part of her and vice versa.

Give smiles and hugs to all mothers, make it transmissible and surprise her with beautiful flowers and gifts. Even if your life has not gone the way you intended, you came here for a reason and your mother made that possible. Do not grieve if your mother is no longer living with you, rather celebrate her in you being alive. Go to online cake delivery in Jasola Vihar delhi.


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