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Thursday, 5 May 2016


Some years ago when if there were anyone’s birthday then our mother, Grandmother use to prepare cheesecake for the birthday girl/ boy. That cheese cake which was prepared in home was prepared with lots of love among all other ingredients.

And that cheesecake which was especially prepared in home has no comparison with today’s fancy or cakes. They are also amazing but the love that cheesecake have in it while preparing it, that was priceless. Some childhood memories will remain in our heart forever.

Our chefs are doing a great work in field of dessert and the most demanding dessert of these days are cakes, cupcakes and many more. Try the twisted combination of flavours in cake and try to enjoy your childhood memories. Go to cake delivery in Govindpuri delhi. Because our chefs created that delicious magic taste of our childhood again just to relive it.


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