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Wednesday, 12 April 2017


From the beginning of time, we have been given a temporary place to stay, until we have completed our life cycle on the earthly plane. We are all merely mortal; each with our own ticking clock of time; complete with an expiration date; before we meet our destiny, demise or fate. Will we be looking up when we speak to you at your eulogy, or will we be looking down to the ground, speaking words of animosity? Seal your fate, it's never too late to change your words, actions, attitude or to pursue your mission, goals or dreams in honesty, through legal means and ethical opportunities that are truly yours and NOT my opportunities or the work or words of anybody else, other than yourself.
Though the date and time of our expiration is unknown, we can each individually choose to excel, real well, and thrive in the time that we are eagerly, prosperously and productively alive. Our beautiful planet is so amazing: The ocean waters, the oceans breezes, the breath-taking mountain streams, The Great Lakes, rich,abundant,beautiful, bountiful farmland
Our planet is most beautiful planet, full of beauty by nature, that is breathtaking and amazing. love your nature it's a perfect where you can live happily. Gift someone the most beautiful creation of nature in form of colourful and beautiful flowers from online cake delivery in Nagpur

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