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Thursday, 20 April 2017


There are a lot of benefits to adding green plants to your indoor furnishings. Plants are easy to locate, available in numerous varieties and an excellent value for the health benefits they provide. The biggest challenge may be choosing the best options for your location and lifestyle along the plant care spectrum. Plants clean our enviourment and give us fresh and healthy air.
Indoor plants can help increase focus and creativity by allowing your directed attention to rest and renew. Consider that when you are out doors in the park, your senses are stimulated and engaged with the trees, leaves, or flowers. As these plants capture your attention effortlessly or via undirected attention, your directed attention which is used to focus on specific tasks is relaxed and resting.
Research studies have shown that the ability to see greenery in the indoor environment can reduce stress in minutes. A green plant in your sight line is a lot better for calming your stress level than soothing it with caffeine, food or alcohol.
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