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Monday, 24 April 2017


There are always someone who is looking exactly for the kind of person you are. That person is looking for an original that you are. This is someone who will not have a problem living with your failings and flaws. So be true to yourself and be who you really are. Be proud of yourself. No one is like you on earth. You are different. So allow yourself to be different.
It is easy for one when he sees someone he fancies to get tempted to become a different person. He tries to become what the potential life partner is looking for. But such a reinvention of self is short-lived. Sooner or later you will be found out if you pretend to be something you are not. You cannot pretend forever. When the potential love of your life finds out you might lose badly. Just think of the golden rule. If you were to date someone and later find out that the person was faking himself or herself, how would you honestly feel? The possibility is that those who are true to themselves would just terminate the dating process. Or if they had pre-committed, they would resentfully terminate the relationship.
Everyone desires to be truly loved. Some tried and they got disappointed along the way and they decided to stop looking. You can still find your true love, it is not too late. I admit that finding the true love of your life is not that easy. Why? People are complicated. So that complicates the process. Finding the true love of your life is a good thing.
If you want to be loved by others, first love yourself, accept yourself as what you are, respect yourself for who you are, love your life. Feel gratitude for all that you have, doesn't matter what you are feeling right now in your life, just be thankful for whatever you have.
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