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Sunday, 28 May 2017


Bakers these days are ready to experiment and are only happy to make any wish come true. We give you a few tips to choose the perfect party cake for children.Instead of ordering one single cake, you can order a small cake and many cupcakes. You can order the delicious and beautiful colourful cup cakes from online eggless cake delivery in delhi
Most kids love to have plain milk chocolates. Similarly, when it comes to cakes too they love mostly classic flavours like chocolate or vanilla or red velvet or strawberry flavour, to name a few. When it comes to icing, always choose butter cream frosting, or fondant. In short, never try to experiment with flavours while ordering cakes for kids.
You can order cupcakes, which are miniature versions of the birthday cake. You can also order plain cupcakes and ask the children to decorate them with sprinkles and other decorations or order cupcakes in different colours and arrange them in a fun pattern, or one that spells out your child's name or 'Happy Birthday'. The guests can either eat them at the party or take them home.