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Tuesday, 27 June 2017


A mother is a truest friend we ever have. A mother can understand those unspoken words of their children without knowing them. She gives you one of the best advice, guide you for everything in your life. Mother teaches you the best lessons of life, she never leaves you even when you are stubborn. She always keep motivating you in every situations, in every up's and down's.
When something bad happens, she is the one who supports you in that situations, she is the one who protects you. Mothers are one of the best creations of god for us. Whatever happens, whenever happens she is one who ask you first whether everything is ok. You can celebrate your happy moments with your mother, also those situations that bring sorrow in you. With your mother celebrate all your happy moments and enjoy the life up to the fullest as she will be one of your best company. Go and order the delicious cake from .
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