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Wednesday, 7 June 2017


We are surrounded by people who are better than us, worse than us in some way. The one who are better than us are our inspiration that can move us towards a positive change of state. If we are aware of some area of our lives that we would like to improve, then our job becomes to find people who are already proficient in that area and hang around them.
By hanging around people that are better than us in selective ways we start to deliberately change our thinking about what is possible. Everything good things takes time but you can start change from any stage of your life. Make good friends, start spending quality time with them and celebrate each and every moment with them from online cake delivery in lucknow.
And if we are lucky enough to find one of the greats, or one of the unsung heroes out there to hang out with, then his or her greatness will completely cover us and start to seep into our pores and into our being. Eventually we will start being more like them 

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