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Monday, 14 August 2017


Our struggle for independence was a long crushing battle that had started way back in 1757 with a patriotic goal of Purna Swaraj. And to accomplish the same, there weren’t only the freedom fighters of India whom you know but also the heroes who fought as much but didn’t fall in the limelight.
For here you are now. At a comfort zone uncomplainingly busy with personal goals and aspirations. The everyday troubles that you face, you call them miseries. But there are some souls who have endured worse. They selflessly laid their lives for the country so that you can lead a fearless life, a carefree life where you don’t have to suffer at merciless hands of alien enemies. Those freedom fighters who fought with just one focus- to see a free India.
There are many other unsung fighters like VELU NACHIYAR, MATANGINI HAJRA, ARUNA ASAF ALI and many more are those who gave equal contribution with all other freedom fighters. So this is the time to give our huge respect to those who sacrifice their lives just to set our India free. Celebrate this Independence day with online cake delivery in Noida. Let's give a big salute to these unsung freedom fighters in some different way.
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