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Thursday, 10 August 2017


Janmashtami is an important event for the Hindus. The birth of Lord Krishna marks the end of inhumanity and cruelty over mankind. Krishna is a symbol of righteousness. Kansa, the uncle of Krishna, was a cruel and unholy king. Krishna saved the people from the oppression of Kansa.
Devotees observe fasting till midnight, which is the time of birth of Lord Krishna. Temples of Sri Krishna are beautifully decorated. Thousands of Hindu men and women wear new clothes and gather in these temples to celebrate the birthday of their beloved God. The priest chants mantras and worship Lord Sri Krishna.
A tradition of Dahi Handi is widely followed in many parts of India. Dahi Handi is an earthen pot filled with yogurt. On this day, young people form groups and tie the ‘Dahi Handi’ at a height. Then, they stand one over another forming a pyramid like structure to reach the ‘Dahi Handi’. It is finally celebrated by breaking the ‘Dahi Handi’.
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