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Tuesday, 19 December 2017


If a relationship is established from a position of inferiority, from a position in which one feels at the service of others, the relationship will always be lacking. It will be lacking love, respect and happiness. If I need to sacrifice myself so the other person is happy, I will feel useful, supportive and loving but maybe not loved, respected and supported. In time, some of my needs will not be satisfied and I might slowly feel neglected and undervalued.
When a belief is created and established in a person's mind, it affects everything that person sees in life. If a person believes that he or she should always place others before themselves, that's what the person will do, even if it ends up causing more harm than good. Beliefs are very powerful. Unless we feel safe, happy and fulfilled, all our relationships will involve only some parts of us, not our whole being. Which is what happens when we constantly place ourselves below others.
Everything we do in life should help us love ourselves, care for ourselves and help or empower us. Let's imagine a situation in which we're helping others but actually not ourselves... Let's say, for instance, that I am working overtime to give my family some extra money to go on a vacation. I do it because I want to, because I decided to offer them a vacation and it's only like this that it will happen. Unless both human beings in a relationship take care of themselves first, their relationship will not be balanced. One of them will end up feeling unhappy
Keep everyone happy, but for that you need to be happy first. So make yourself in a mood that everyone love the way you are. Enjoy every moment of life up to the fullest, cherish every day, start your day with wonderful smile on your face and the freshness of handpicked flowers from

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