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Friday, 8 December 2017


When two people came together to became one, life completes itself. They compliment each other, they smile together, faces all the up’s and down’s of life with each other, stand for each other. This is what a “MARRIAGE” is. Celebrate a beautiful year of togetherness filled with warm hugs, cozy cuddles, passionate romance, and boundless love for each other in a way that your anniversary becomes the most favorite time of the year.
Marriage is that phase in everyone’s life that take their life to other next level, which comes with new beginning, new happiness, new challenges and many more. When two people accept their partner with their flaws, respect them for who they are, that’s where love exsist forever. Make your partner feel special with some surprising gifts from .online cake delivery in delhi
Surprising each other with an anniversary gift is definitely one of the most expressive ways to make your lover feel your heartbeats. Since it is your first marriage anniversary, gift your partner something that will make your partner feel special. A gift like a customis
ed photo ring or a customised beer mug, personalised cake, a bunch of beautiful flowers or anything else can take your love life to new heights.

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